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I will admit when I first started couponing I was so excited by the free to almost free stuff that I fell into the trap of getting items I neither needed or would use just for the thrill. So since it is just my husband and I, I am an extreme couponer in modest amounts—two or three of something is fine with us! BUT I have a few questions…. Even if you have a large family, who needs 63 bottles of mustard? I have heard about double coupon values at some stores, but am I ignorant to any in the suburbs of Chicago? Fianlly, who would ever think of using something like Fiber One coupons for Honey Nut Cheerios I realize that is the point of this post!

I started couponing last summer and am thrilled to have cut my shopping bills in a little more than half. Now, to see that she may have used coupons fraudulantly based on the codes—ugh. Based on her previous Target youtube footage, she is aware that her couponing techniques have been questioned. Could she be prosecuted or would Safeway have to file charges against her?

If my legit, even insert non internet , coupons get a 1 minute read each at Dominicks to see if they are ok to use, how can a wrong one be accepted? Maybe the store did it on purpose to do a favor to the show? Now that it is in the light, does TLC have a liability? I wonder if this is going that way too. Although it seems to me that everyone could have saved a LOT of time if you just chose to highlight the item s that Jaime used a coupon on correctly.

I have to take issue with the Fiber One cereal coupons. If you notice all of the small print under the 75 cents line, it lists all of the cereals the coupon can be used on. I have tons of 75 cent coupons that can be used on Honey Nut Cheerios, and these coupons often have one cereal pictured but can be used on a dozen or so cereals. So, I cannot rule out the possibility that the coupon included Honey Nut Cheerios.

That is not to say that if she did indeed use these correctly, it minimizes the other incorrect uses. But if an accusation is made that is unfounded, it then can cast the others into a questionable light. I have coupons that have Cheerios and FiberOne both listed on them.

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Can we guarantee these did not also? I truly believe that when people do things that are wrong, it will eventually come back to bite them in the you know what!

Pam from (Pam and Broderick) Season 4 Episode 2 Extreme Couponing

I agree with everyone here. I watched last night and was truly sickened by how much product was being hoarded and not shared either with other shoppers or with food banks. How many people need a two year supply of anything if it is going to go on sale again. NOBODY should have that much product in storage unless you have a huge family to take care of or you are running your own food bank. I sure hope something comes out of all of the outrage being expressed here. I save a decent amount based on what I do buy.

I would LIKE to save more, but its not always possible. I mean… 77 bottles of mustard???? PLUS, the stores around here look at the coupons pretty detailed… people behind me tend to get irritated, so I warn them they may want to go to a different line :.

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Extreme Couponing Lisa &April Season 3 Episode 6. by lisa Green. Extreme Couponing Season 4 Episode 1. by Coupons Mom. extreme couponing season 1 episode 2 - Aor Pro extreme couponing season 1episode 8 hdtv xvid Extreme Couponing Season 3 episode 4 - Aor Pro.

So I am curious what coupon she used fraudulently for those as well??? However, I talked to several people before even attempting anything like what I saw. I have to admit it makes me nearly ill when I see how much some of the people on the original special bought. Especially the man at the end. I was at Wal-Mart in my area this evening however and I had a coupon for.

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This particular store did not carry the 8oz. They had 7. So I asked a manager if due to the fact that they did not have the correct size, could I still use the coupons I had. He checked their coupon policy and said that yes they would honor the coupon. I only bought two of the soaps, but after reading the article I am wondering if I committed coupon fraud even though I did ask the manager.

If so, then I will return the items. On another note, my friends and I struggle each month just to feed our families. We are pooling some money together for newspapers and groceries. Only about twenty to thirty dollars each, but every little bit helps. If anyone lives in the Aurora IL area, the Cermak grocery chain does not take coupons printed from any of the coupon sites. Now it makes sense. I am new to this couponing.

Been doing it about 2 months now and I am amazed how much I have saved thanks to peoople like you who give us so much information. I thought I was doing real good until I watched Extreme couponing, and wondered how the heck they saved that much money.

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Thanks for posting this, it is a real eye-opener! They outright told me this is what they had done, and what was being taught. They told me it was legit and that this lady was a paralegal and had researched it…it sounded a bit funny to me. But I wanted to go to a class for myself.. Unfortunately I was unable to go, but it got me to do internet research and learn couponing myself. And I happened upon this site among others. And I started hearing about the new Extreme Couponing show, etc…I have learned a LOT just doing online research and now know that my suspicions were correct, that there was something not right about that practice.

Even if she is denying it, she has been recently teaching these methods you describe to other people and charging them for it , and that makes me mad. I know that one of these people mentioned above has a list of UPC codes specifically to use with her couponing, and had put a LOT of work into it.

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She is under the assumption from talking with her that she is doing nothing wrong. Now I know why.

I wonder if all the people cheat. I did pretty well at Target today- with store and manufacurers coupons coupled with sales. When I factor in 5. I did it legally-no fraud just good planning and a little luck. What is really scary to me is -What does she do when no one is looking? Who knowingly commits a crime with cameras rolling and millions of people watching. In defense of the 1, Total ceral guy he said he was going to donate them to charity.

He said he often donated his stuff. Using coupons religiously over 40 yrs, not fanatically like TLC folks.

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Asking clerk when I hear beep, they assure me it was accepted. OR,coupons rejected by the scanner. Clerk, customer, then, even manager cannot see what the issue is. Bottom line is, typically I get back more than I put into them.

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Recall once apologizing to the cashier for all the coupons they can make one defensive. I love blogs like this one, websites and facebook pages that help the people that just want to try to lower their bills.

Extreme Couponing Season 1 Episode 3

But it made me sick to watch this show the other night, will not be watching again. In my opinion it does not teach anything. It does not show how to do couponing from the start till you are getting some good deals and savings.